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wedding photography

Sydney Wedding Photographer

Wedding Photography from $1,190
(including  %20 OFF) limited time
Modern Wedding

wedding photography package A

best for a couple with small wedding

up to 6 hours unlimited photos taken

Professional, gentle retouch on all photos
Free pre and post consultations
full outdoor lighting equipment
full-resolution digital image on USB


Bride and Bridesmaids

wedding photography package B

best for a couple with a mid-sized wedding

10 hours unlimited photos taken

Professional, gentle retouch on all photos
Free pre and post consultations
full outdoor lighting equipment
full-resolution digital image on USB


wedding photography package C

best for a couple with  a  big  wedding

unlimited hours, unlimited photos taken

Professional, gentle retouch on all photos
Free pre and post consultations
full outdoor lighting equipment
full-resolution digital image on USB

Wedding Photography Cultures

We photograph all weddings including  Lebanese wedding photography, Vietnamese wedding photography, Chinese wedding photography, Philippines wedding photography, Iranian wedding photography, Indian wedding photography, Italian wedding photography Sydney, Greek wedding photography, Persian wedding, afghan wedding photography and Turkish wedding photography. We have a long experience to attend many receptions including Le Montage, Curzon Hall, Oatlands House, Paradiso Receptions, Renaissance, Milton Park Bowral, Dolton House, Curzon Hall , Paradiso Receptions ,Deux Belettes Byron Bay.

Introducing Wedding Photography Styles

Weddin Photography Style
  • Artistic Wedding Photography

Wedding photography that is artistic is a form of expression and a passion. It's creative, like a poet, and it's a real work of art in and of itself. This is neither strategic nor analytical. It has a dreamy and artistic feel about it. The scenes in this film are staged rather than spontaneous. And getting the ideal shot may take some time and patience.

  • Candid Wedding Photography

This is a photo that was taken on the spur of the moment. An accurate, truthful, and genuine depiction of the mood and ambience. For most couples and their wedding parties, candid wedding photography is their first option. Despite the fact that this isn't one of the newest wedding trends and has been around for a long, its popularity continues to grow.

  • Documentary Wedding Photography

One of the guiding principles of documentary wedding photography is to let the tale unfold naturally, without any directives or guidelines. The objective is to capture the authenticity of a true wedding day moment. These documentary photography concepts may overlap with candid wedding photography. The objective of each of these sorts is to freeze emotional emotions.

  • Dramatic Wedding Photography

The ideal lighting, powerful sentiments, and clear focus on the subject are all essential elements of dramatic wedding photography. The drama does not have to be unpleasant, contrary to common opinion. At least not in the realm of photography.

  • Drone Wedding Photography

Without a question, this is everyone's favourite. When shooting in the wild, drone wedding photography takes on a whole new meaning. Nature not only shows things from a fresh viewpoint from the air, but it also displays some hidden and undamaged beauty. Consider the loveliness of this photograph: the wedding is taking place in a dreamy setting by the sea. A combination of music from a band and the faint sound of the sea can be heard in the background. As the sun sets, the scene becomes even more lovely. It was the ideal way to end the day. And all of this is taken from the air, utilising drone wedding photography to its full potential.

  • Photojournalistic Wedding Photography

Wedding photography styles that are dramatic and artistic are among the most imaginative. You may probably tell what this creative style is about based on its name. Dreamy photos with calm and brilliant hues convey soothing sentiments.  These two categories are extremely similar, but they communicate very different messages. In the field of photography, adding drama entails using powerful lighting, a lot of black and white colour, and a strong focus on the subject. These are wedding photographs that provide a strong and clear statement.

  • Traditional Wedding Photography

Let's have a look at what candid moments in photography are all about if you're not familiar with them. The photographer's approach is a crucial aspect. Traditional wedding photographers work close to the subject, directing and fixing postures, whereas candid photography works the other way around. Traditional wedding portraits are non-existent in this area. The main goal is to capture the unadulterated beauty of a specific moment from afar. Shots and stances are unscripted, having the capacity to convey genuine, not staged, emotion and setting. As in the photojournalistic approach, which you are most likely familiar with.

  • Vintage Wedding Photography

Vintage wedding photography is the closest to traditional photography from a technical standpoint. Wedding photos are a staple of this style, as are posed appearances. This does not have to be the case, though. Retro doesn't have to be boring, especially with the help of an experienced vintage wedding photographer. They have the ability to create fine art moments from “regular” wedding photography. Soft and light pastel hues are utilised in a vintage set to give it a romantic atmosphere. However, using a certain filter, effect, or colour combination isn't enough to create a vintage-style shot. You must turn the entire experience into a "vintage" theme.

Questions & Answers

here is a list of common questions and answers from your wedding photographer or videographer

Traditional and Classic: basically “shot list,” ensuring cover all the elements that the bride and groom have requested

Photojournalism: Rather than posing your pictures, the photographer follows you and your guests throughout the wedding day

Illustrative: a pleasing blend of traditional and photojournalistic, with an emphasis on composition, lighting, and background

Portraiture: formal, posed pictures that emphasize one or more people, as well as portraits with family members.

High Fashion: excel at creating striking, photographs that dramatize the subject, looking artsy and glamorous while showing off your dress

Natural Light: use the natural light, usually daylight and deal with shadows and other lighting challenges.

What styles of photography do you do?

Traditional and ClassicPhotojournalism, Illustrative, Portraiture, High Fashion, and Natural Light

Yes, we do. All team members are expert in both photography and video, and in the case of emergency, everything will be backed up.

Do you have backup photographers on standby if something goes wrong?


I've been running this business for almost 20 years and have never had a problem, but I always have enough gear in case a problem arises. As a professional wedding photographer and Videographer, we have a set of backup equipment to bring to all weddings.  This ensures that if camera malfunctions, lens breaks, or if a drink gets spilled that they will still be able to capture your wedding, we even use dual memory cards in my camera in case one gets erased then there will be one that still has the images.

Do you have Back up equipment in the case of failure?


2 people work on the wedding day for any photography packages, including wedding photographer and assistance wedding photographer, and as for videography depends how many videographers have been requested to be hired for your wedding.


What will people be on the team for the pre-wedding and for the wedding itself?

it depends on the selected packages ....

the answer is YES, and we are not attending jobs without outdoor lighting equipment, softbox and umbrella, reflector and so on.

Do you bring your own lighting?


We use most reliable SLR-Cameras and Lenses from well know manufacturing company like Nikon, Canon, and Sony.

What equipment do you use?

High tech cameras and lenses

Full refund on any cancellation within 6 months before the wedding date.

What is your refund and cancelation policies?

we accept within terms and comditions.

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