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Afghan wedding photography

Afghan weddings are unique and modern celebrations of the people of Afghanistan. It is a tradition in which, like King Amanullah Khan and Queen Soraya Tarzi, the bride and groom whom are respected as King and Queen of the night. This was also the custom in the wedding of Aminullah's cousin to whom he placed down his sword, and kneeled to the ground and told the bride and groom that their wedding night was truly respected, they can make any command as a king and Queen for the night.[1] for the wedding they wear green dresses

To welcome guests entering the door, a line of women stand on the right and a line of men on the left. The bride and groom's families greet and escort the guests to their tables. Guests in an Afghan wedding are dressed in their best clothes and jewelry. The guests gather around their loved ones and talk about their lives. When all guests have arrived or when the room is about half full the musicians starts playing traditional music or contemporary hits. At the downstage corner are the decorative chairs for the bride and groom. In front of the chairs is a table with highly decorativeensemble that includes candles and flowers.

A traditional Afghan wedding usually begins around 5:00 pm and ends usually at 2 am, or as long as it has been agreed with the hall. In the middle of the wedding, around 8:30 pm, a special song is sung called "Ahesta Boro and in pashto pa besmillah qadam rawakhla," meaning "walk slowly," which commemorates the bride and groom's arrival. While the song is played like the Wedding March in American weddings, everyone begins to stand up and smile until the groom and bride are set in their place. While the bride and groom walk down the aisle, the Quran (Holy Islamic Scripture) is held upon the new couples head.

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