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Weddings are always filled with pleasure and love, regardless of a country's customs or traditions. Australians are a cheerful, welcoming people who appreciate good cuisine and music. Weddings and customs are a part of their innate pleasure and joy, and they show it in everything they do.

A Classic White Wedding Dress.

This is what comes to mind when people think of Australian ideal weddings. The custom of wearing a white wedding gown dates back many years. It represents the marriage's future happiness and hope. Although today's brides choose a variety of colours, this is still a popular custom.

Something Old and Something New

According to the traditional rhyme, a bride must have something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue for marriage joy. To mark the day, Australians have a custom of receiving an old present from a parent, such as a piece of jewellery.

Waiting to Unveil the Bride

This age-old custom is well-loved and is still practised by many couples today. On their wedding day, the groom does not see the bride until she goes down the aisle. As he exposes her, he just sees her face. This adds a thrilling aspect to the couple's wedding day.

Parents Walk Down the Aisle

Both parents are given the honour of following the bride down the aisle. This was usually done by the father in many other societies, but not so in Australia. Allowing both parents to lead their daughter down the aisle honours the mother's involvement in the wedding.

The Wedding Smoking Ceremony

It is generally known that aborigines and settlers coexisted for a long time on the same piece of land. This custom is the result of the mixing of their two cultures. The smoke from burning plants or herbs fanned the pair. This was intended to keep evil spirits at bay while also bringing healing and blessing to the partnership.

Lamingtons Instead of Wedding Cake

For many years, this heart warming custom has been passed down. Stones are placed in a bowl by family members and close friends to show their support for the couple's union. The stones are engraved with the names of whomever placed them in the bowl, and they might be coloured differently to reflect the many families.

Nutbush City Limits

Australia is the only country in the world that dances the Nutbush City Limits dance, it turns out. This line dance is quite popular and can be seen at all Australian weddings. It is taught in school gyms all across the nation. When the Nutbush comes on, the dancefloor is always full since everyone knows the dances!

Acknowledgement Of Country

We have a great respect for the land in Australia, and many couples are opting to include a ‘Acknowledgement of Country' in their wedding ceremonies these days. This simple phrase pays homage to Australia's original custodians and honours the country's heritage.

We all enjoy wedding desserts, and traditional wedding cakes are a staple in many European countries. Lamingtons are a traditional part of Australian wedding celebrations. This is a classic vanilla cake that has been sliced into pieces, dipped in chocolate, and topped with coconut flakes.

Having a Wedding Unity Bowl

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